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Sports performance & injury

sports_injuriesWhen it comes to performing at your best, Alexander Technique can give you the tools to achieve peak performance whether you are looking to reduce lap times, lift weights without injury, run more efficiently or simply to get the most out of a yoga class - Alexander Technique will help you use your body more effectively in every activity.

Under expert guidance of our Alexander Technique practitioners, you will learn to:

  • release deep seated chronic patterns of muscular tension
  • create greater flexibility and movement
  • reduce pressure on joints
  • eliminate harmful excess tension
  • improve breathing and mental focus
  • achieve good posture and form

Alexander Technique and sports applications

Alexander Technique can enhance your overall performance whatever your chosen discipline.

  • Swimming - Alexander Technique can help improve stroke and coordination.
  • Horse riding - learn to increase your sensitivity, your stability, develop beneficial muscle tone as well as suppleness.
  • Running - if your running style is causing you problems or you want to improve it, we can help improve your overall performance while minimising the risk of associated injuries.
  • Golf - Alexander Technique can correct underlying postural issues to increase flexibility and improve swing.