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Pre & post pregnancy

pregnancyWomen’s bodies go through enormous changes during and after pregnancy. Alexander Technique can be extremely useful in coping and managing these changes.


During pregnancy Alexander Technique can help ease back-pain by giving strategies to help meet postural challenges of carrying your baby to term.

Alexander Technique can also help with how your body responds to weight changes, balance and support, as well as ease of movement and breath. We can also provide help with stress and sleep issues.

Post natal

After birth Alexander Technique can help re-coordinate the body after the drastic changes in muscle tone, hormone levels, posture, flexibility and strength. Activities such as lifting and carrying become easier, and stress is reduced during this busy and challenging time.

We would recommend our yoga classes for pre and post pregnancy clients. All our individual appointments and group classes are structured to take into consideration each person’s situation so they are suitable for all stages of pregnancy.