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Stress, illness and childbirth are just some of the factors that affect how we move and use our bodies throughout the day. When these movements are unknowingly repeated, poor posture comes to feel ‘normal’. Alexander Technique focuses on undoing these patterns allowing the natural and efficient body use to come through.

Often we are told to pull our shoulders back and down in pursuit of what we perceive to be good posture, however, in doing this we actually cause compression of the spine. Good posture should not be an effort but rather a state of ease and freedom from which movement is possible at any moment rather than a rigid pose which can result in pain, lack of comfort and coordination.

ATBodySense practitioners will help restore a sense of freedom and ease within your body so that good posture is more natural, less forced, and will put far less stress on your body.

Through a series of individual appointments, Alexander Technique will improve your posture making the body well balanced and look more proportionate. Movement becomes fresh, vital and youthful. As well being great for stress reduction and well-being, Alexander Technique helps you to look, sound and perform at your best.