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Performing artists

Performing_artistAlexander Technique is used to enhance performance in all areas of performance arts including public speaking, singing, acting and music performance.

While conventional training refines our performance skills, it may also ingrain patterns of movement that impede progress or even cause pain. Alexander Technique gives performers an awareness of how these learned behaviours affect artistic output and health, and how these patterns can be changed.

ATBodySense practitioners will teach you an efficiency of movement that paves the way for greater technical ability, achieves lasting relief from pain and liberates your entire performance.

Alexander Technique trained performers also have a powerful tool for handling performance anxiety due to their increased self-awareness and ability to release undesired tensions. Their energy is redirected in an efficient way and positive way, heightening communication between musician, instrument, and audience. Performing and practicing become effortless, fun and more inspiring.

Alexander technique is currently being taught at the following institutions:

  • Victorian College of the Arts
  • National Academy of Music Melbourne
  • Royal College of Music, London
  • Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London
  • The Juilliard School, NYC
  • American Conservatory Theatre, San Francisco

At ATBodySense you can choose to have individual appointments or we can work with your group or organisation to help you achieve your performance goals. All sessions are delivered by highly skilled and professionally accredited Alexander Technique practitioners.