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Group workshops

ATBodySense offers a range of informative and practical Alexander Technique presentations and workshops which can be delivered to your organisation, sporting club, clinic or health centre.

We are available for corporate health days or as an important addition to an existing health education program. Our workshops can be tailored to suit specific needs of your organisation and all presentations are delivered by accredited practising Alexander Technique practitioners.

At ATBodySense we work with a range of organisations including:

  • Sports clubs - we visit various professional and amateur organisations working with you to help your members learn to use their bodies more effectively to enhance sports performance.
  • Seniors workshops - helping seniors engage more fully in life. Workshops can help make walking easier and more enjoyable, improve balance and coordination and release muscle stress and strains allowing participants to once again join in the activities they love.
  • Student workshops - working with primary, secondary and tertiary students, our Alexander Technique practitioners teach ways to release tension, learn to move effectively and instill good postural habits to carry them through their life journey.
  • Workplace education and injury prevention - have accredited Alexander Technique practitioners visit your workplace to assess your work environment or deliver practical workshops to your work teams.