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We are excited to finally launch our new service – ATFit!

Over the past few years we have been working with you all to ‘make your body work better for you!’ through providing movement re-education and showing you that how you move matters.

Many of our clients already achieve great results through applying Alexander Technique to their lives and then look to regain or improve their strength and fitness as the next step.

Increasing your strength and fitness is great but can often trigger those pesky pain causing habits to flare up. As AT practitioners we often get asked to come to the gym with clients to assess how they are training and give instruction on how these exercises can be done in a way that doesn't cause pain and stiffness. 

We want to help you bring your Alexander Technique knowledge to your strength and fitness training as often as you need so have created the ATFit services for this purpose. The philosophy behind ATFit is simple. We train the body the way it’s designed to move.

As with all of our Alexander Technique and ATYoga services, an individual approach is required as everyone’s habits are unique. We want you to get as much out of these sessions as you do your Alexander Technique appointments!

You can view our full list of services here.

And of course you can contact us if you have any questions.

Phone: 0421 760 092


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We all know first times can be a little daunting, especially if you have never seen an Alexander Technique Practitioner before. To ease your mind we've outlined exactly what is covered in your first visit to ATBodySense.

Your Practitioner will discuss with you...

  • Any health and well-being concerns you have.
  • Your relevant health history e.g.. back pain, operations, medications.
  • Your goals and what you would like to achieve from learning AT.

Your Practitioner will…

  • Conduct a brief assessment of where you are holding excess muscular tension. Assessments are done laying on a treatment table as well as by watching you walk, sit and stand. You remain fully clothed at all times but are required to wear or bring clothing that is not restrictive like a skirt or tight jeans.
  • Give you a brief introduction on how use the Alexander Technique to help eliminate your habitual patterns of excess tension that contribute to pain, bad posture, stress etc.

If you are interested in more information or want to book a consultation simply contact us on any of the methods below...

Phone: 0421 760 092


Facebook: ATBodySense


F.M. Alexander was born in Tasmania, Australia in 1869. Early in his career as a successful Shakespearian 
actor, he began to experience problems with his voice during recitals. His doctor prescribed rest which 
restored his voice but when he resumed performing, the problem returned. Since there was nothing
physically wrong with his throat, Alexander determined that his problem derived from something he was
doing when speaking. His doctor agreed but could not tell him what it could be. 

In an attempt to solve the problem, Alexander set up three tailor’s mirrors to observe himself as he spoke. After 
months of observation, he discovered that every time he spoke, he subtly tightened his neck and pulled his head 
back and down toward his back. When he spoke loudly as if on stage, the tension and downwards movement 
were more pronounced. Alexander concluded that tightening his neck was interfering with his voice, but this habit
was so ingrained that 
he could not feel the tightening and, at first, he could not stop himself from doing it. Over
time he learned how 
prevent this habitual tension and as he did, his vocal problems disappeared.

At the same time he was solving his own problem, Alexander became aware that many people suffered from
similar unconscious habits of tension. He found his method of preventing excess tension could greatly help
those in chronic pain, with breathing difficulties and poor posture. 
He spent the next 6 years in Sydney and
Melbourne passing on his skills to others with similar ailments so 
they too could help themselves. Alexander
left for London in 1904 where he taught his Technique until 1914.

As word got around about his remarkable technique, Alexander was invited to travel all over the world, including
the U.S.
Over the years he had many famous students including the writers Aldous Huxley, George Bernard Shaw
and John Dewey. Dewey also wrote the introductions to Alexander’s four books -  Man’s Supreme Inheritance
(1910), Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual (1923), The Use of the Self (1932) and possibly his best
work The Universal Constant in Living (1942). 

In 1931 Alexander established the first training course while continuing to teach private pupils up until his
death in 1955 aged 87.


Marilyn Monroe was photographed laying in bed with her copy of F.M. Alexander’s first book, Man’s
Supreme Inheritance.

alexander-technique-melbourne-cbd-clinic-v5Things are really happening for us at the moment,
the big news being that we are moving! Our South
Melbourne practice is relocating to Melbourne CBD
from 16 July - a beautiful space within the Stable
Health Clinic on Queens Street.

This is a wonderful opportunity for us, not only are
we working alongside some great health practitioners,
we are also more central for our clients, and the news
of our move is already getting the thumbs up! And of
course we still have our practice in North Balwyn for
those outside the city. We look forward to seeing
you (at either location) 
soon, Regards Kate & Kaz.