We all know first times can be a little daunting, especially if you have never seen an Alexander Technique Practitioner before. To ease your mind we've outlined exactly what is covered in your first visit to ATBodySense.

Your Practitioner will discuss with you...

  • Any health and well-being concerns you have.
  • Your relevant health history e.g.. back pain, operations, medications.
  • Your goals and what you would like to achieve from learning AT.

Your Practitioner will…

  • Conduct a brief assessment of where you are holding excess muscular tension. Assessments are done laying on a treatment table as well as by watching you walk, sit and stand. You remain fully clothed at all times but are required to wear or bring clothing that is not restrictive like a skirt or tight jeans.
  • Give you a brief introduction on how use the Alexander Technique to help eliminate your habitual patterns of excess tension that contribute to pain, bad posture, stress etc.

If you are interested in more information or want to book a consultation simply contact us on any of the methods below...

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