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fitAlexander Technique and Fitness

Many of our clients already achieve great results through applying Alexander Technique to their lives and then look to regain or improve their strength and fitness as the next step.

Increasing your strength and fitness is great but can often trigger those pesky pain causing habits to flare up. As AT practitioners we are often asked to assess how clients are training in the gym and give instruction on how their exercises can be done in a way that doesn't cause pain and stiffness. We have created ATFit to help clients learn how to strengthen their bodies safely whether it be at home or at the gym. 

We want to help you bring your Alexander Technique knowledge to your strength and fitness training as often as you need and the philosophy behind this service is simple. We train the body the way it's designed to move. 

As with all our Alexander Technique and ATYoga services, an individual assessment is required to start with as everyone's habits are unique. We want you to get as much out of these sessions as you do your Alexander Technique appointments!