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ATBodySense is a Geelong based Alexander Technique business dedicated to achieving long term 

results for our clients.

Our Skilled Alexander Technique practitioners will give you the guidance needed to manage health
issues from chronic pain and illness through to helping you with posture, performance and general well-being.


Alexander Technique teaches you to locate and eliminate unnecessary patterns of muscular tension and
collapse throughout the body.

Your Alexander Technique practitioner will guide you through movements that establish new neurological
pathways and effect fundamental change in the whole system.

Through teaching effective ways of using your body, Alexander Technique can help prevent pain, poor
posture and inhibited movement as well as unlock the potential for your body to perform more efficiently
and dynamically.

Who can benefit from Alexander Technique?

People who have sought Alexander Technique services include:

• Athletes - amateur and professional • Sporting clubs - amateur and professional
• Musicians • Dancers
• Actors • Chronic pain suffers
• People recovering from injuries & illness • Students - school groups and individuals
• Pregnant women - ante and post natal • Semi-physical workers - childcare workers, kitchen staff

• Office Workers

• Physical workers



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